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Poetry Book

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Poetry book:blue elf weed by Teo Yamamoto
Published by Azami Shobo
Published on MAY 31, 2004
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This poem titled Ao-oni-kusa (blue elf weed) is the name piece of her second poem collection and is written by the form as a lead character tells the story.
The original poem, needless to say, is in Japanese. However it is written by old spoken language instead of the one today and it is created by a similar touch of Raku-GO, the Japanese traditional narrative art.

The story unfolds with encounter and parting between a human and a creature like beast and yet cute, as in one beautiful sunny day, a lead character is asked by a strange little Oni ,imaginary being with horn at the head from ancient time of Japan, for finding his lost tail.

After this poem was published, it was selected to be part of the review of avant-garde poems and so you could not say if it’s classic or new.

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